SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation

We optimise websites for search engines and real potential customers.

Our job is to incentivise users to click, engage, convert, and keep coming back. This complex task requires a multidisciplinary mix, including technical, strategic, and creative skills.

Our improvements and analytics are evaluated by both users and search engines, and everything users do count. The evaluation starts at the SERP level and follows users during the whole journey. We use these journeys to optimise content and the path to conversion, whether that be a pdf download, subscription or a purchase or something else.

Google uses implicit data as well as its traditional ranking factors to determine page quality and search engine position. The image below gives you an overview of the different factors both implicit and classic that are used to determine your webpages quality in search engine results, relative to specific queries.

We manage the presence of our clients within search engine results, protecting their brand interests, competitive positioning and conversion optimisation.

Our approach is about firmly understanding your business and implementing a strategy to competitively position it within search engine results.

For a breakdown of more elements used by Google to evaluate page quality, you may also want to refer to this article produced by the founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin. It's a handy reference detailing the anatomy of an ideal webpage. It's handy reference to turn to when looking at your own content and seeing which improvements need to be made.

Social Media Strategy

Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’. Jef I. Richards

We create social media strategies that strengthen brands. Listening to our clients and their end-customers, we position brands in native environments.

Content & Promotions

We create highly engaging contests and promotions that lead back to your ongoing CRM programs.

Our social media campaigns and promotions are custom built to your needs, including prize draws, gameification, loyalty and refer friend promotions.

Email Marketing

Quick & Easy. Simply bring the vision for your emails to life by dragging and dropping feature blocks and images into place. Like a puzzle where all the pieces fit ... all the time!

Updates as you go. Make edits directly in your email template. See what your email will look like as you're creating it

Emails dressed to impress. Whether your email is being read on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, your email will always look its best.


Facebook Advert Services

Mobiwalkers Facebook advertising services help businesses of all sizes transform their digital marketing strategies by:

  • Generating higher Facebook engagement on organic and boosted posts
  • Increasing referral traffic to your website from Facebook
  • Creating a solid fan base of returning customers
  • Collecting data—including contact information—about new and prospective customers
  • Driving conversions through dynamic buyer-stage marketing

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